05 April 2013

Inspired means imbued with the spirit to do something; influenced. Creativity is making it your own.

A pleasant scroll down the Facebook page of Steven Ford and David Forlano leads to a veritable garden of their signature O'Keeffe pins. Polymer clay, sterling silver, and a remarkable sense of color combine to make flowers that appear both delicate and strong. Using texture and depth, Ford and Forlano live up to their legend as masters of polymer clay art by drawing us deeper and deeper into the designs with the anticipation of a surprise in the center.

I couldn't help noticing the similarities when I strolled the images of Ranunculus on Pinterest. Yet, the differences strike me as a prime example of what it means to be inspired. Georgia O'Keeffe might have had Ranunculus in mind as her inspiration, and in turn, Steven and David were inspired by O'Keeffe's design. I would rather believe that Mother Nature had O'Keeffe, Ford and Forlano as her inspiration.

Photo Credits: Ford and Forlano O'Keefe pin - Michele Tuegel Contemporary. Pink Ranunculus - Painted Tulip Vermont.

[Posted by Jeannie Havel]

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