03 August 2020

Letter from the Editor: August 2020

Over the past months, the polymer clay community has continued to be creative and resilient in finding ways to connect.

Faux Sea Glass Technique

To me, there's nothing more magical than walking on a beach and finding beautifully polished sea glassokay, maybe finding a perfect sand dollar, but sea glass is pretty high on my list of treasures. But, the times I've actually found sea glass are few and far between. There are places you can purchase glass that claims to be genuine sea glass, but who knows if that's true. And what do you do when you envision that perfect piece of jewelry that must have sea glass? You create it in polymer clay, of course!

Featured Artist: August 2020

The August edition of pcPolyzine features polymer clay artist, Milagros Angulo!

02 July 2020

Featured Artist: July 2020

The July edition of pcPolyzine features polymer clay artist, Eleonora Casciario!

01 July 2020

Letter from the Editor: July 2020

This time last year, I was excited (and terrified) to publish my first edition of pcPolyzine after taking the e-zine over from my late mother.

Patriotic Pinwheel Earrings

The 4th of July is right around the corner and these red, white, and blue pinwheel earrings will be the final touches your patriotic outfit needs!

03 June 2020

Letter from the Editor: June 2020

As we navigate through another month of social distancing, it has become clear that whatever our society is when this is over will not be what we knew prior to March 2020.

Featured Artist: June 2020

The June edition of pcPolyzine features Iveta Kalinova and her mystical dragons!

Frog Tic-Tac-Toe Tutorial

We're officially in the beginning of summer and the kids are out of school. This cute frog-themed tic-tac-toe project will keep them busy during the crafting process and for hours after while playing!

03 May 2020

Letter from the Editor: May 2020

As we continue to socially distance ourselves and work to slow the spread of COVID-19, we are all finding that we have more free time on our hands.

Featured Artist: May 2020

The May edition of pcPolyzine features Fernanda Elizabeth!

Introducing Cosclay!

For years, the polymer clay community has been able to create breathtaking pieces of art. However, many of us fear our masterpieces will one day end up cracking or breaking. Well pcPolyzine family, the answer is here! 

02 April 2020

Letter from the Editor: April 2020

So far, 2020 has been quite the year—we’ve seen wildfires in Australia, other natural disasters, and now we’re encountering a pandemic like we never imagined.

Featured Artist: April 2020

This month's Featured Artist highlights Noa Shine!

Potato Chip Bowls by Barbara Forbes-Lyons

The Tallahassee Polymer Clay Art Guild hosts an annual Chilly Clay Retreat the first weekend in February. This year’s Retreat Swap was bowls, suggested by West Coast Florida Guild member Karen Woods. These little bowls were my contribution and they are a quick, fun, and easy project. I dare you to make just one!

04 March 2020

Letter from the Editor: March 2020

For many of us, our pets are more than pets—they’re family. That’s the case with our animals and it was important to us to continue to honor their memory.

Featured Artist: March 2020

This month's Featured Artist highlights Stella Glushko!

Four-Leaf Clover Earrings Tutorial

It's already March and St. Patrick's day will be here before we know it. Follow this easy tutorial to make four-leaf clover earrings and make sure you don't get pinched this year!

03 February 2020

Letter from the Editor: February 2020

The Tallahassee Polymer Clay Art Guild's 2020 Chilly Clay Polymer Clay Retreat was the first weekend in February and pcPolyzine was there!

Little Koalas Make a Big Difference

This little boy is making a big difference— and he's useing polymer clay to do it!

Featured Artist: February 2020

Our next Featured Artist of 2020 is Florida-based artist Sophie Dufort!

03 January 2020

Letter from the Editor: January 2020

As I reflect on 2019, I realize a lot happened for pcPolyzine.

Featured Artist: January 2020

The new year brings new Featured Artists to pcPolyzine. Our first Featured Artist of 2020 is the talented Ludmila Bakulina! 

Pantone 2020 Color of the Year

2020 has arrived which means it’s time to explore Pantone’s Color of the YearClassic Blue!