14 June 2013

Friday Night Inspiring Snack

Quick, before you settle into dinner, take a look at the vast array of polymer clay candy on Marlene Brady's Pinterest pages. I could stay there all night . . . and since it's Friday, I just might do that. Hope you enjoy it, too!
Marlene Brady's Pinterest Polymer INSPIRATION Composite

Image Credits: (1) Marlene Brady (2) Mandy Geo (3) Meagan Chaney (4) Tory Hughes (5) Créa'Sofimo (6) Pips Jewelry (7) Susan Hyde (8) Vesi Koleva (9) Olga Ayala
[Posted by Jeannie Havel]


Aniko Kolesnikova said...

This looks great to me! I absolutely love these mini houses and this ethnic brooch and the vase. love love love!

Marlene Brady said...

Here is the correct link to my Pinterest site: https://www.pinterest.com/MarleneBradyArt/ THANK YOU so much for the feature!