01 October 2019

Letter from the Editor: Fall 2019

Since launching the re-designed site, things have been pretty busy. When I set out to accomplish the revitalization of pcPolyzine, I knew there would be some things that I just couldn’t get done in time for the July release date. So I’ve spent the past few months trying to reach goals to make pcPolyzine even better.

Members of the Tallahassee Polymer Clay Guild participate in Clay-bor Day 2019.
Members of the Tallahassee Polymer Clay Guild participate in
Clay-bor Day 2019.
I had two main goals—first, to spread the word that we were back! I felt like everyone needed to know that pcPolyzine wasn’t dormant any longer and that I was dedicated to keeping my mom’s work going. And second, to update the U.S. guild list. This has taken more work than I imagined, but I think it’s the best way to get the most up-to-date information. I’ve spent the past few months reaching out to all the U.S. guilds I know about to determine if they’re information is correct, if they’re still a functioning guild, and if they happen to know of any other or newer guilds in their area. I have to say, the responses I’ve received are great and everyone’s positive comments have kept me encouraged and moving forward on this project.

As I was going through the list, I stumbled across a nearby guild that was holding a weekend retreat. It seemed like a no-brainer to me to go and meet everyone. However, this happened to be over Labor Day weekend and Hurricane Dorian was threatening Florida and the east coast. As the week went by, I watched the storm closely and determined that I could attend the retreat for that Saturday.

I drove from my home in Mobile to Tallahassee that Saturday morning to meet with the guild and attend my very first clay retreat. The Tallahassee guild was extremely sweet and welcoming! It was great to meet everyone and watch as their polymer clay inspiration and enthusiasm spread around the room. We learned how to make some adorable angels that could be used for ornaments or even gift tags. And they had a workshop for making different kinds of canes and then covering ink pens, too. There were many seasoned clayers and a few who are new to the polymer clay universe. I couldn’t have asked for a more pleasant day with a wonderful group of clay artists!

As the rest of 2019 goes by, I will be continuing to update the information on the new Guild tab of our website. If your guild is not listed yet or if there is any information that’s incorrect, please send me an email. I want to ensure that the information we’re sharing is as current as possible.

And, as the opportunities arise, I hope to be able to attend more guild meetings and retreats throughout 2020 and beyond! Please feel free to let me know when your guild is planning an event and I will do my best to get there. I’m anxious to meet everyone and share pcPolyzine with the clay community again!

I want to give a special thanks to the Tallahassee guild for welcoming me so warmly and sharing part of their Clay-bor Day retreat with me!

I hope everyone’s holidays are happy and the rest of 2019 is great. See everyone in 2020!


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