18 February 2013

Inspiration From Nature

This microscopic view of a Basswood Stem by National Geographic photographer Greg Dale inspires me to make colorful, organic clay canes, perhaps with alcohol inks.

[Posted by Jeannie Havel]

13 February 2013

Cozy Woolies

Recently, I was browsing through some cool ideas for something I never tried before and I found out that you can knit from polymer clay! I know it could be nothing special for some of you advanced polymer clay knitters, but I got so surprised that I decided to share this amazing option with you. Hope it will inspire you a lot. I know, winter season is almost over, but in some countries it will be cold and snowy for another 2 months or more, so it's not too late to create some polymer clay cozies and to warm up your day with winter designs. And believe me, next winter is not as far away as it seems :) Time flies!

Photo Credits: (1) Claire Wallis (2) IrenkaR (3) Claire Wallis (4) Enchantress (5) Claire Wallis (6) Cofanetto (7) .Ines (8) Cynthia Tinapple (9) Claire Wallis

05 February 2013

Pasta Machine Storage Solution

It's exciting to learn that Sterilite Corporation is still making two particular storage containers that seem specially designed for polyclayers. The small size ShowOffs™ container easily holds a pasta maker--including handle, clamp, and noodle attachment; and the next size up let's you add your motor, as well. Here are some photos from 2004 of the smaller container with one of my pasta makers resting in it quite comfortably. The newer model is a lovely green.

Best price we found is a 6-pk for $20.45 at www.plumbersurplus.com

Sterilite products are made in the USA.

[Posted by Jeannie Havel]

01 February 2013

Yayoi Kusama Connects the Dots

Inspiration attaches itself to feelings of joy and exhilaration. Just as easily it finds dark passages to draw us in for whispers and secrets. Look down the rabbit hole of Yayoi Kusama and  you will find inspiration wrapped in an enigma. Does art deepen her suffering or does suffering embroider her art? Polka dots are the tip of her essence. Her soul is filled with caves, each hiding a magical facet created over eight decades. She is a suspense novel sure to stir your muse in mysterious ways.

[Posted by Jeannie Havel]