31 May 2013


Image credit:
Elsa Mora, Art is a Way

[Posted by Jeannie Havel]

This is Amore. She is one of the Flower girls/Blossom buddies by multimedia artist 
Elsa Mora. Her purpose today is to make you smile and think about how she is created from miscellaneous petals and such. Who could be hiding in the random trappings of your art space? Perhaps a distant cousin of Amore is in your backyard waiting to be discovered and to inspire you to look for the happy places wherever you might find them.

Note: The link to Elsa Mora is a connector to her new site. It is worth the extra click to see what she left behind.



17 May 2013

Turning the Tables on Inspiration

Aniko and I love posting colorful and imaginative images and ideas hoping to inspire you to think of polymer clay possibilities. So imagine our delight when Bosnian artist Jelena Babić (aka Djidje Midje) posted pics on Facebook of her bracelet inspired by Aniko's Mosaic Cane video.

How exciting it feels to see the results when you watch our videos and try the techniques!!

Just think how versatile the
Mosaic Cane can be. To this point, we've used a basic set of random colors. But what about actually choosing colors to coordinate with an outfit? And maybe reducing the Mosaic Cane to a suitable size for earrings? Varying the color of the "grout" opens up some possibilities, too.

Jelena, your bracelet inspires me!! I'm off to try some intentional color combinations.

PS - A shout out to Elissa Powell to thank her for the original design and tutorial.

Image Credit: Jelena Babić (Djidje Midje).

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pcPolyzine Team]

10 May 2013

Feathers everywhere!

I get inspiration from everywhere and by now you should definitely know it!
So....would you get inspired after a pillow fight? Messy hair, red face and belly aching from laughing. I jumped on my chair and collected all these beautiful creations so that you, my dear friends, get inspired and make some more feathers for me to collect and post again :) Infinite circle of feathers! Yes! :)

Be creative and let your life be as light as feathers. ^^
Aniko xxx

Image Credits: (1) Robin Milne (2) The Gilded Hare Blog (3) gRiS bLEu (4) Debi Burk Scott (5) Nancy Frazier (6) Alisa Burke (7) Rebecca from The Crafted Sparrow (8) Gabriela Pomplova (9) Katka Titis (10) Chris A Kapono (11) ArtmakersWorlds  (12) Ivy Niles (13) SkyeArt (14) Wendy Kay (15) Amber Dawn (16) Dan Cormier  (17) by Creative Critters (18) Lottie Of London's (19) The Gilded Hare Blog (20) Amber Elledge (21) by Out to Clay

[Posted by Aniko Kolesnikova]

04 May 2013

Archive Tutorial: "Rainbow Jellyroll Keyring" by Dotty McMillan - Originally Published April 2001

Dotty McMillan makes this playful keyring quick and easy to put together. Her project uses slices of translucent jellyroll canes applied over a basic cylinder of white clay. The effect is reminiscent of the Chrysanthemum Cane. It's basically the same technique without the indentations that alter the jellyroll. You can choose the colors you like and determine the placement of the cane slices in a manner that are most pleasing to you. Add a metal keyring and some leather lacing and your Rainbow Jellyroll Keyring is ready to use. You could add pony beads or crow beads in coordinating colors to the lacing to vary the design. This is a good project for when you want to make multiples for gift giving.

Original tutorial from 
pcPolyzine.com published April 2001

[Posted by Jeannie Havel]

01 May 2013

Branching Out

Image Credit: Rebekah Payne, Tree Wings Studio

[Posted by Jeannie Havel]
What inspires you? We'd like to know. Send us a photo and tell us where you get your clay inspiration. You could be featured on our blog. inspiration@pcpolyzine.com

Recently, I found inspiration on Polymer Clay Daily in the post featuring faceted mosaic scrap beads by Rebekah Payne of Tree Wings Studio. As is usually the case, one link led to another and soon I was oohing and aahing at Rebekah's Easy Winter Tree Cane tutorial on the Art Jewelry Elements blog. Have you seen it? While you're there, check out Rebekah's sexy little pink chopper. I'm sure it's what Barbie would use if she chopped polymer clay.