26 August 2014

Talavera Tiles - The Sequel

Yellow Peacock Feathers Mexican tile. MexicanTiles.com
This lovely Yellow Peacock Feathers Mexican tile appeared on Facebook yesterday courtesy of the uber talented Jill Palumbo. The colors and pattern lend themselves to polymer clay caning.

As an experiment, I cropped and combined the image to get a better look at the possibilities. Eventually, I went to the MexicanTiles.com website and was pleasantly surprised to see the tile already placed together in several configurations, much like the ones I made myself. (See Figures 2 and 3 below).

Figure 2
                Figure 3

I imagine a border around the basic tile before it is combined to emphasize one of the colors in the "eye." My next step was a trip to Sherwin Williams to use the ChipIt! tool. Here is the palette I created:
Since I am not the smartest cookie in the color-mixing jar, I will refer to my color recipe ebooks from Crafts By Chris.

With the vast number of color recipes available in Chris's collection, there is sure to be a match for each of the colors in my palette.

At some point soon, I will mix up a batch of each color and attempt to construct a cane and turn it into a cane sheet.

Stay tuned!!

Photo credits: Yellow Peacock Feathers Mexican tile by MexicanTiles.com. (c)Tierra Y Fuego.