13 November 2014

09 November 2014

In Memory of Marty Partlow Woosley November 8, 2014

Clay Conditioning Day at pcPolyzine World Headquarters

Image 1
When I am not feeling particularly inspired, it's a good day to do prep work. There is always clay waiting to be conditioned, so I started early. I got my mighty NEVERknead clay kneading machine to do the heavy lifting of making conditioning faster and easier (see Image 1). 

Image 2

Of course, sometimes you have to bring in a professional if you want things done correctly. I am fortunate to have Mr. Endeavour Morse (named after the famous British detective) who is always on the job (see Image 2).

Morse was skeptical about the lump of dry-ish, hard-ish fuschia clay I placed on the NEVERknead™ (see Image 3), 

       Image 3

but he persevered and after giving the situation a good once-over, he got right to work (see Image 4). 
When he finished his part, I gave the clay a few passes through the pasta machine.

The result? (See Image 5).

Image 5
 Morse and I had so much fun together, we're thinking of starting a guild. :))