29 July 2013

Translucent Colors

Yesterday I decided to have a browse online for some inspirations for translucent clay. I wanted to find out what could be its top level of translucency and what I found online did surprise and inspire me a lot. I created this inspirational collage for all of you to get inspired, too and to get some deeper understanding of how limitless polymer possibilities truly are. Enjoy!

Image Credits: (1) Aniko Kolesnikova; (2) Joan Tayler; (3) Dana Phamova; (4) Katrin Neumaier; (5) Wendy Malinow; (6) Claire Maunsell; (7) Dana Phamova; (8) Patti Pennisi; (9) Ginger Davis Allman; (10) Katrin Neumaier; (11) Mars Design; (12) Ginger Davis Allman; (13) Heather S.


Ginger Davis Allman (The Blue Bottle Tree) said...

What a beautiful collection of artwork! I'm always humbled when I see how creative people can be. Thank you for including me!

Deepa said...

This is beutiful!!! I didn't know that translucent clay can do these many wonders.