01 November 2013

Rabbits, rabbits . . .

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Photo credits: 1-Christel Jensen; 2-Madre Olius; 3-Trina Prenzi; 4-Aniko
Kolesnikova; 5-AbsoKnittingLutely; 6-Free Heart; 7-Billie Beads
Call it legend or superstition, saying "rabbits, rabbits" on the first day of November assures luck throughout the year, so they say. I've been saying this phrase since I was 17 and have yet to see my luck improve significantly because of it.

During fact-checking for this blog post, I see on Wikipedia that I should have been saying "rabbits" three times, not two. And I am to say it at the beginning of each month, not just November. Maybe that is why my luck is always just so-so.

Lucky or not, I couldn't resist this colony of polymer clay rabbits found on Etsy, DeviantArt, and the pcPolyzine Tutorial Archives. From steampunk to wedding cake toppers to Aniko's sweet little Honey Bunnies, the range of styles on the Internet keeps multiplying like, well, rabbits.