27 March 2013

Easter Carouselle

Hello my sweet honey bunnies!

Yes, today I am allowed to call you this because it's EASTER! Yay! I decided to take a look at many polymer clay eggs online and best examples were collected into my lovely and cute Easter Egg Carousel!
Enjoy and make some eggs!
Aniko xxxx
Photo Credits: (Metallic) Christina A Kapono; (Rooster) Lilian Huang; (Swirly) Christina A Kapono; (Floral) Signiira; (Candy Cane) Liz Smith; (Dragon) Christina A Kapono; (Steampunk) Tim Holtz; (Organic) Kael Mijoy; (Baroque) Sarajane Helm; (Rainbow) by Creative Treasures; (Center) klio

23 March 2013

Inspiration from the Achaemenid Empire (and Pottery Barn)

When I see these kilim covered footstools in the Pottery Barn catalog, I imagine a collection of tiny trinket boxes made from polymer clay. The examples you see here are authentic hand-woven kilims 40 to 100 years old. The boldly colored dynamic patterns are each uniquely created with no two being exactly alike. With polymer clay, we can imitate the colors and patterns as shown or put our own individual spin on the designs. Imagine a weekend of combining geometric lines of color into miniature works of Turkish art to give as gifts or use to store your personal treasures.

Authentic Turkish Kilim Covered Footstools
Photo Credit: Pottery Barn online March 2013

[Posted by Jeannie Havel]

22 March 2013

Be My Clay Valentine!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

Make sure you spend this day with those you love! No matter if it's a fiancé or your little hamster! Everyone deserves to love and to be loved :)

I would like to treat you with a little inspirational pudding of Polymer Clay Hearts. Yes, they do look like Marzipan cakes a bit, right?

Photo Credits: (1) pcPolyzine.com (2) Sagit Bramly Levi (3) Wicked Gems (4) graphixoutpost  (5) Yana Mostizky (6) R. I. Axelrod (7) Ginger Easterling (8) Jeannie Dukic (9) Artsista Fotini (10) Lynn Reno (Desert Rubble)

17 March 2013

Let's Go Fishing!

This week I am all crazy about my aquarium and I am looking and looking for fishes, information about taking care of them, dreaming of my summer holidays by the sea, and all this made me think of polymer clay again. Not like I don't think about it on a daily basis anyway, but today it was different. I went today to the online ocean of polymer clay fish on my make-believe boat and put my creative echolot into the waters of many clay artists :) Here is what I caught!

I also realised that I've never made a fish from clay! How weird is that knowing that my father is a fisherman!

Photo Credits: 1 - Liat R 2- Adrienne Lindsey 3- Clay figurine from Amazon.com 4 - Denise Graham 5 - Christina A Kapono 6 - Liat R 7 - Desert Rubble 8 - Susan Lomuto 9 - Liat R 10 - Pamela Carman 11 - Joanie Croyder 12 - FourWinds Jewelry 13 - Christina A Kapono 14 - Unknown artist  15 - Sue Corrie

07 March 2013

Organic Spring

Let's go organic this Spring, shall we?
I am looking for all possible and impossible ways to make myself and all of you inspired! It is hard when all I see is grey. This is why I am so grateful to have the Internet and have access to all the places on the Planet with just a click of a button. Here are my little research results for organic coral shapes. Enjoy and stay inspired.. and perhaps make something ^^

Photo Credits: (1) HunkiiDorii - Dori Janki (2) Diane Lublinski (3) Anne Goldman (4) Cocoa Vintage (5) Mandarin Moon (6) Katsumata Chieko (7) Loeke Pam (8) JoAnn Crafts.com (9) Artist Unknown (10) unikatissima (11) Wendy Wallin Malinow (12) Marlene Brady (13) Barbara Stutman

01 March 2013

Spring Emeralds

Hello everyone and welcome to Spring!
Yes, maybe it is still cold and some parts of our Planet are definitely covered in snow, but as artists we should never pay attention to appearance of surfaces when looking for deep spiritual inspiration.
So today I want to present you with one of the most beautiful and precious stones - Emerald.
It's color is definitely very unique and there are only a few other elements on this planet that are naturally the same color.
I did a little research and found these Spring Emerald creations from polymer clay by various artists.
Emerald is the Pantone Color of the Year so make sure you own at least one Emerald, be it crystal or clay.

Photo Credits: (1) DivaDesigns1 (2) Jennifer Slattery (3) Rozibuz (4) Katy Szczerbaty (5) Anna Ingegerd Fjellborg
(6) Makayla Jennings (7) Knightwork Studio (8) Georgia Turin (9) Joann K Barrack (10) Design Theory (11) Dawn Schiller (12)okajewelry (13) Mandarin Moon  (14) Fulgorine (15) Biesge (16) Luiza Dragonescu
(17) SandrArt