15 September 2015

Modern Vintage Events Pumpkin Lanterns
Photo by Modern Vintage Events
It's never too early to start making preparations for Halloween. These adorable mini pumpkin lanterns are from Modern Vintage Events. And while MVE used real pumpkins, their design ideas are easily transformed with polymer clay. For a detailed tutorial on making the lanterns as shown, go to the Modern Vintage Events website.

It wouldn't be Halloween around pcPolyzine World Headquarters without paying homage to the memory of Thomas Ojeda. Together with his compadre, Kim Kennedy, they kept the ezine afloat with little to no kudos along the way. Today, we celebrate both of them and their inimitable spirit for Halloween with a tutorial from the pcPolyzine archives. Their delightful polymer clay mini jack o'lantern votives are from the October 2003 issue. Be sure to look through the index of free tutorials in the pcPolyzine archives for more trick 'or' treat ideas from Kim and Thomas. You can find an alphabetical list of all the pcPolyzine tutorials to download by selecting the link in the upper right-hand corner.

Photo by Kim Kennedy