06 December 2012

Snowflaked Mood Board

Today I got up and looked out the window and the feeling that I was overflown with was happiness and excitement. Yes! I saw snow! It melted away in an hour but my mood stayed wintery for the whole day. I decided to make this little "Snowflaked" mood board for you guys!
Look how cool snowflakes are! You can use them in paper works, bakery, origami, making cakes and cupcakes, clay artworks and room decorations. December must be the best month to take those scissors out, fold that white paper in a little sharp triangles and start cutting :)
I already have all my windows covered in snowflakes :) If there is no snow outside it doesn't mean it can't be inside :) Or inside our hearts?

CLICK HERE or HERE for more snowflake madness :)

Photo Credits to follow[Posted by Aniko]

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