03 April 2013

The Intriguing Appeal of Kashmiri Beads

Kashmiri Beads from bead 'n sHop
These genuine Kashmiri beads from India are formed from a unique type of polymer clay made of marble powder that is incorporated with resin
and a hardener.

The beads are then hand-decorated using a variety of accessories from tiny mirrors and chips of faceted glass to rhinestones, seed beads, and small metal components. By mixing and matching embellishments, each bead seems to take on individual characteristics according to the whim of the artist.

As I look through the bits and pieces of my broken jewelry collection, I allow myself to imagine transforming what was once scraps into newly exotic treasures. The range of possibilities seems almost endless. Then again, with so many designs available through online merchants, I could be inspired to spend a day bead shopping.

Photo credit: Kashmiri beads from Bead 'n Shop

[Posted by Jeannie Havel]

1 comment:

Mandarinduck said...

Aaw! What a lovely variety! They look like sweets :)
Most of all I like 2,3(from left) in the second line and from focal beads - 2,3 and the very last one in the last bottom line :) Simplicity! :)