22 July 2013

Boxes on the Brain

Desiree McCrory is a class act in the polymer clay community. She earned status as queen of the clay machines many years ago when she showed us how to bravely dismantle and reassemble our machines for cleaning and tune-ups. Her talent goes far beyond mechanics; she is an accomplished artist whose imagination and skill produce stunning canes, beads, light switch covers, breathtaking jewelry, and an array of whimsical and artistic boxes and tins. Her covered Altoid tin tutorial, "Pretty in Pink and Blue" graced the January 2001 issue of pcPolyzine and is a favorite in the tutorial archives. Follow Desiree's step-by-step instructions to create your own treasure. And be sure to visit her website, Desired Creations, for an excursion through a gallery of box after beautiful box.

Image Credits: Desiree McCrorey

[Posted by Jeannie Havel]

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