21 December 2013

Christmas Elf Balloon Art by Rob Driscoll

Rob Driscoll, a clever magician also known as Robbie the Wizard, has been busy the past year making a unique balloon model each day. The Portsmouth, Hampshire visual artist also makes popular cartoon figures such as SpongeBob and Sonic the Hedgehog which he gives to children at his shows. Click the Christmas Elf link to view more of his balloon creations. 

A quick search on Etsy and Pinterest reveals a sizable community of polymer clay balloon art. Most popular is a dog. A red dog. A red dog used as a charm for phones, etc. I was able to find a rainbow group of dogs, a single purple dog, along with an imaginative balloon dragon. All made of polymer clay and most available on Etsy. Or, maybe you will be inspired to create your own fantastical balloon creatures.

Polymer Clay Balloon Art by Various Artists on Etsy and Pinterest

Photo Credits: Christmas Elf, Rob Driscoll (CATERS); Balloon Animals, (1) laughingsquid.com (2) katkraftukon on Etsy (3) PaperPastels on YouTube (4) minniekitchen.com (5) upcyclepatch on Etsy

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