10 May 2014

Really Easy DIY Color Matching System

Every day in my Inbox there is a lovely (and convenient) array of color chips from DesignSeeds.com. But what if I, say, want to make a special polymer clay gift for my sister to match her Laura Ashley Bramble comforter and bed linens? Ask Sherwin-Williams!! Their online "ChipIt" color matching tool lets me turn any image into a vibrant color palette. There are two palette options available for each image accessed by just pressing a button and I can re-order the ten color chips it gives me to create a truly personalized palette. Let me show you how it works.

First, I went to the Sherwin-Williams website http://letschipit.com. I watched the demo - and you should, too. There is a neat trick. Next, I scanned a Bramble pillow sham. Then, I followed the directions to upload the image, clicked on one button, and voila there was my beautiful color palette. Just by clicking the "Edit Colors" tab, five more selections popped up. I added them to the image below to show you, even though when you do it yourself, it will look slightly different because of how I save files on my computer.

OK, so it worked on a piece of scanned fabric. What about a regular photo? I tried it on one of the images Aniko sent from Malta. Same results. Perfect. Look!!

Is this cool or what? Now, aren't you glad it's the weekend so you can go and play?

(Bramble by Laura Ashley. Blue Lagoon by Aniko Kolesnikova)


pcPolyzine said...

Remember to hit EDIT COLORS tab at the bottom right side of the palette card to see five more colors.

pcPolyzine said...
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