04 October 2014

One-half Ton of Inspiration

What keeps you from wanting to clay all day every day? For many people, it's knowing how tiresome and painful the act of conditioning polymer clay can be. Arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, and the effects of aging can rob the best of us of the enthusiasm of claying day and night. Even healthy, able-bodied clayers complain of the drudge of trying to condition clay that is not at its optimal smooshiness. 

NEVERknead, white version
California visual artist Debra Ann Jaffe is one of those people who cringe at the thought of kneading polymer clay to make her unique, movable art mobiles at Atomic Mobiles. She processes a lot of clay and suffered a lot of pain to the point of agony. Unable to find a solution that would allow her to continue claying pain-free, this clever, industrious lady invented NEVERknead, a mechanical device that kneads clay rapidly, efficiently, and without the excruciating pain caused by hand-kneading.

NEVERknead employs one-half ton of pressure to easily and painlessly condition almost any block of polymer clay. How do I know this? I read it on Deb's website AND I tried a NEVERknead myself*. Wow!! I will never knead clay by hand again. The difference between hand-conditioning polymer clay and conditioning clay with NEVERknead can easily be compared to how it felt using the old-style plunger extruders versus the spiffy, newer versions that make extruding a pleasure. It's that dramatic.

Once I saw how easy and painless it is to condition my clay with NEVERknead, I wanted to open and condition every pack of clay I own. I was obsessed and in awe of this magical device. Just as Deb describes on her website, the clay was fully conditioned in a matter of minutes. I would venture to say my clay was better conditioned than when I do it myself by hand OR with my clay machine, even with the motor attached. Not only does NEVERknead condition clay, it also makes color mixing faster and easier and puts an end to dealing with old, crumbled clay that has seen better days. 

It became quickly obvious to me that Deb invented a machine that is by a clayer for clayers. It is 100% relevant to what we do every day as artists and crafters AND it solves the problem of painful, tiring clay conditioning.

NEVERknead in 8 colors, plus white (shown in the large photo above).

NEVERknead comes in 8 colors with a lifetime warranty and 90-day risk free guarantee. AND, if you purchase through PayPal, you can pay for it in installments. What a deal!!

Check out all the details at http://neverknead.com and watch the informative and instructional videos Deb created to see more about how NEVERknead can change your claying life forever. As Deb says, "Make Art, Not Pain."
* In compliance with FTC Rules of Disclosure, I am informing you that Deb sent me a model of NEVERknead for the purpose of this product review. I almost always give away products I receive for review. I love NEVERknead so much that I am keeping it. I am trading ad space in pcPolyzine and on our blog equal to or greater than the retail price of NEVERknead plus shipping. 

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