08 December 2014

Something's Fishy

A previous edition of the Daily Mail Online features the unusual food art of Tama-chan (aka illustrator Takayo Chioyta), seasoned itamae, or traditional Japanese chef. Tama-chan combines food dye, soy sauce, and green wasabi with traditional seaweed, rice and other ingredients like raw fish, ginger, and vegetables to make makizushi or rolled sushi creations.

It may seem odd that a sushi artist is featured on the pcPolyzine blog,  but when you learn the special technique Tama-chan uses it will all make sense. You see, Tama-chan arranges the sushi fixings onto a bamboo mat and visualizes what they will look like when rolled up and sliced  to show the cross-section design. Does that sound familiar? Of course, Tama-chan is creating millefiori sushi designs just like we make with polymer clay!! How inspirational is that? And she specializes in modern versions of art classics.

The article and accompanying rice art caught my eye as I scrolled through the Facebook page of Nancy Ulrich. Nancy found Tama-chan way back in March 2014, and I thought it would be a good idea to give the post a little boost.

"It's always a special moment when I make the first incision to reveal an image," says Tama-chan. Yes, Tama-chan, we know.

What do you think? Does playing with your food inspire your clay art? 

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