03 December 2020

Textured Holiday Ornaments Tutorial

With the holidays in full force and the kiddos on holiday break, what better way to decorate and spend time together than making ornaments! 

Textured Holiday Ornaments

What you’ll need:
  • Clay—1/4-1/2 pack (color of your choice)
  • Texture sheet (design of your choice)
  • Cutters—at least two sizes (design of your choice)
  • Embellishments—glitter, mica powders, etc.
  • Needle tool or drill
  • Acrylic roller
  • Clay machine
  • Ribbon (color of your choice)


1. Condition the clay either by hand or in your clay machine.

2. Once conditioned, roll the clay through the clay machine on the number 2 setting. 

3. Place the clay on a non-stick surface. Using an acrylic roller, gently press your texture sheet into the clay.

4. When the texture has been evenly imprinted in the clay, remove the texture sheet and use the cutters to cut out the chosen shape(s).

Note: From any point now, you can embellish your ornaments.

5. Remove any waste clay.

6. If you haven't already done so, embellish the ornament with the chosen glitter, powders, etc.

Note: If you'd like to add a hole before baking, do so now with your needle tool.

7. Bake at 275°F for 30 minutes.

8. Let cool.

9. If you did not add a hole for hanging prior to baking, use your drill to gently add a hole at the top of your ornament—large enough for your ribbon to thread through.

Note: If you designed your ornament similar to the one pictured in the tutorial, you will also need to drill holes and assemble the pieces with jump rings or other fasteners allowing each piece to hang.

10. Tie your chosen ribbon through the hole and hang! 

The inspiration for this tutorial can be found at George Weil Fine Art & Craft Supplies

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