07 April 2021

Letter from the Editor: April 2021

As polymer clay artists, we don't just work in polymer clay. We possess skills in other facets of art, too!

Most of my polymer clay art is in the form of jewelry. But, that also means I need to have knowledge and experience in other jewelry areas such as wire wrapping, beading, stringing, etc. Many artists are incorporating mixed media with their polymer clay pieces. And others finish their pieces with resin. 

As I find great opportunities to learn about polymer clay through online workshops, meetings, tutorials, and symposiums, I'm also looking for opportunities to work on my secondary jewelry  skills.

This month, Curious Mondo is hosting an Art Jewelry Symposium that will be held for 8 days starting on Friday, April 16. There will be 3 workshops per day and if you register now, you'll be able to watch them for free for 24 hours after each one posts!

During the Art Jewelry Symposium 2021, participants will be able to follow tracks such as riveting techniques, metal working techniques, jewelry clay techniques, plus many more.

Check out the Art Jewelry Symposium 2021 for yourself!

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