11 November 2022

Beginner's Corner: Texture with Household Objects

In this edition of the pcPolyzine Beginner's Corner, we'll share some unique textures created with fairly common household objects!

We've all used texture sheets and I'm sure you have your favorite ones—I know I do! But sometimes I want a completely different texture for my clay. Instead of searching for that perfect texture sheet, why not check out some of the common items you have in your house? 

Bolts & Screws: By rolling bolts or screws on clay, you can create multiple straight lines very quickly. If you use this pattern in Mokume Gane, you'll reveal a plethora of multi-colored lines that will make your clay piece pop!                                                     

Bottle Cap:
 Similar to the effect created by using bolts or screws in your clay, bottle caps create short, evenly-spaced lines. Each cap is a little different, so explore your choices the next time you're at the store.

Foil Medicine Packages:
 Sometimes we get medicine that is packaged in a foil pouch. This type of packaging can have textures built right in! They make great texture sheets and create unique designs in your clay projects.

Fan Pull Chain: Have you ever noticed the beautiful, yet simple design of the pull chain on your fan? These tiny spheres are spaced just right to create awesome designs in your clay. 

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