24 April 2013

Signs of Spring

It is April outside and you cannot deny it. Yes, it may still be a bit cold in some countries but a few signs of spring are here! Nature knows better, and in spite of cold temperatures, in some places cherry blossoms are doing their job! Yes, blossoming they are! This made me think and got me inspired and I decided to take a look at what cherry blossom and Sakura inspirations the World Wide Web can offer :) And here it is! Pink and Fragrant!

Thank you very much for your attention!
Lots of love,

Image Credits: (1) BeadsCraftz (2)Orly Fuchs Galchen (3) Kim Detmers (4) Jane Perala (5) BakeryDelights on Etsy (6) Tami Shvat (7) MollyDiBi (8) K.Hernandez (9) Sue Rout (MyWillies) (10) Afsaneh Tajvidi (JooJoo) (11) Sakurasnow (12) Alisa Maskaeva (13) Dorothy Taylor (14) Shuveih on Etsy (15) theshagbag on Etsy (16) Tooaquarius on Etsy (17) Lagoa Design Studio (18) Afsaneh Tajvidi (JooJoo). 


Diana Sh P said...

Wonderful Selection! Thanks so much for including my Cherry Blossom Beads:)

Peggy said...

I love this group of art it is just so soft and inviting. Is there some tutorials on any of these or a site where you can go to get more information on each individual piece. These need to be represented in a DVD or book. They just make you warm and safe feeling to look at each individual piece. I am touched and inspired by each and every one of them. Thank you for sharing these with us.

Mandarinduck said...

Each of them belong to different artist and perhaps don't have a tutorial for those, but some of them have a tutorial available :) If you google for Polymer Clay Sakura - you will be able to find few of those tutorials :)
Good luck !