10 May 2013

Feathers everywhere!

I get inspiration from everywhere and by now you should definitely know it!
So....would you get inspired after a pillow fight? Messy hair, red face and belly aching from laughing. I jumped on my chair and collected all these beautiful creations so that you, my dear friends, get inspired and make some more feathers for me to collect and post again :) Infinite circle of feathers! Yes! :)

Be creative and let your life be as light as feathers. ^^
Aniko xxx

Image Credits: (1) Robin Milne (2) The Gilded Hare Blog (3) gRiS bLEu (4) Debi Burk Scott (5) Nancy Frazier (6) Alisa Burke (7) Rebecca from The Crafted Sparrow (8) Gabriela Pomplova (9) Katka Titis (10) Chris A Kapono (11) ArtmakersWorlds  (12) Ivy Niles (13) SkyeArt (14) Wendy Kay (15) Amber Dawn (16) Dan Cormier  (17) by Creative Critters (18) Lottie Of London's (19) The Gilded Hare Blog (20) Amber Elledge (21) by Out to Clay

[Posted by Aniko Kolesnikova]


Jill Palumbo said...

Hi, love those feathers photos! I have one to share with you too. Just a quick tute for all my claying friends. http://www.flickr.com/photos/jillpalumbo/7499147998/

Mandarinduck said...

Jill , this is amazing! Thanks a lot for sharing!!! :)

diamondix said...

love anything with feathers. Great photos. I thought the white feather was very inspirational. Thanks so much.

pcPolyzine said...

Thanks, diamondix!! That white feather almost looks like silk.