12 January 2014

A Love/Hate Relationship With Nature

California Red-sided Garter Snake Photo by vabbly
Leave it to the natural world to challenge us, as artists and crafters, to deny the beauty of these snakes. Even if you have a morbid fear of them try to look past what scares you and see their beautiful colors and designs. Or perhaps you have no fear and see snakes as mysterious creatures, dazzling and exotic. The juxtaposition of something that inspires strong emotions with one whose body is rich with myriad shades of brilliant color invites us to look at things from a standpoint different from our norm.

This collection of images, many of which are pinned to Daniel Carniglia's Pinterest board, holds a surprising number of design possibilities. Gaze at the colors and shapes and translate the images into extruded elements to make polymer clay canes inspired by the natural world. 

Be brave! Look beyond emotion into the inspiration nature offers us, at no charge. While you're at it, explore the mystical beauty of Daniel's Midnight Hibiscus pillow beads on the Polyform website. They are dazzling and exotic, too.

Red-sided Garter Snakes and Green tree Python from vabbly, i.imgur.com, and gartersnake.co.uk.

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