17 January 2014

Inspiration from the Rock Collection

Photo Credits: American Museum of Natural History, NY, USA
The group members over at Facebook - 52 Weekly Cane Projects - are busy making bullseye, lace, retro, and mosaic canes. I even saw a few Chrysanthemum canes which reminds me of this glorious image of Azurite and Malachite from the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. I found it on the Flickr page of "listentoreason."

Again, nature provides endless examples of artistic beauty to delight and inspire us. 

What inspires you?


Linda Hess said...

I find inspiration in the oddest of places: Walking down a street in Cerveno, Italy and looking at the 600+ yr old structures, a walk at the beach, rock formations in Glacier Park, fabric patterns, or glass vases in unusual shapes or patterns. Inspiration comes form all around...just have to open your eyes :-D

pcPolyzine said...

Very true, Linda. I see cane patterns in tile floors.