15 November 2015

Aromatic Inspiration From DeviantArt.com

With all the avenues one can traverse on the journey to unearth and take in massive amounts of polymer clay art, there is none quite like DeviantArt.com. Yes, there are traditional works. There are displays that are the same as those gracing the usual polyclay haunts (Etsy, Facebook, Pinterest, . . .) but many times at this social media mega site, there are surprises. Many times the display is part of the art. Take Monster Kookies for example. Here is an artist with a whimsical mind. I hope the tutorial inspires you to try scenting some of your clay creations, and the visual display tickles your fancy.
Monster Kookies - How to Scent Polymer Clay from DeviantArt.com
Photo Credit: Monster Kookies

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