20 November 2015

The Queen of Kitsch and Kitchen

Thinking back on my entire life, I cannot recall a time when I was rendered speechless. Go ahead, roll your eyes. It's just that today I stumbled upon someone who has forever changed my view of the world. I am seeing life through a lens of supersonic inspiration. It is taking my breath away. It is splendiferous.

You see, I've found a countess of cool. The queen of kitsch and kitchen. Her name is Christine McConnell. She bakes, she sews, she makes magic with Adobe® Photoshop® software, she creates objets d'art. She's half Elvira, half Stepford wife, half Dita Von Teese. One minute she's appears wholesome and the next minute wicked.

She's got a book due out next March called Deceptive Desserts: A Lady's Guide to Baking Bad!, but we will call it If She Makes it With Sugar, We Can Make it With Clay!. 

Here is a pumpkin pie she made in the style of Cinderella's carriage. Can you see it in polymer clay? Treat yourself to her website and Instagram. I believe you will find Miss Christine can be a nightmarish dream or dreamy nightmare.

Oh, and one more thing; in her spare time she dotes on her kitty cats and she makes (and models) her own underwear. Wow.

Photo credit: Christine H McConnell via Instagram.

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