03 January 2020

Pantone 2020 Color of the Year

2020 has arrived which means it’s time to explore Pantone’s Color of the YearClassic Blue! 

Pantone describes this blue as instilling calm, confidence, and connection. Classic Blue highlights a desire for a dependable and stable foundation on which to build as we cross the threshold into a new era.

Classic Blue is timeless, yet simple and elegant. For a bold contrast, pair Classic Blue with different shades of orange. For a softer approach, you could use it with pastels or other shades of blue to create spectacular pieces. Or you could create a clean, sophisticated look by pairing Classic Blue with whites and grays. The possibilities are endless!

As we venture into 2020, be mindful of Classic Blue and how it brings peace and tranquility to your life and art. 

How will you incorporate Classic Blue into your work throughout 2020?


Debbie Bellibone Goodrow said...

Is there a suggestion for blending this color from available colors? Thank you.

Publisher said...

Hi Debbie,

Thank you for your question. Currently, I don't have a color combination to share that will get you to Classic Blue (or something similar). However, I'm continuing to investigate and will share my results as soon as I have some.