02 July 2021

Sparkling Red, White, and Blue Earring Tutorial

In this month's tutorial, we're making patriotic star earrings that are sure to have you sparkling!

The 4th of July is right around the corner and these adorable (and easy-to-make) patriotic earrings will be the final touches that add fireworks to your holiday outfit!

What you'll need:

  • Clay machine 
  • Acrylic roller
  • Tissue blades
  • Needle tool or drill (to make holes)
  • Star cutters (2 complementary sizes)
  • 1/4 pack of red clay (we used Sculpey III Red Hot Red)
  • 1/4 pack of blue clay (we used Premo Galaxy Glitter)
  • 1/2 pack of white clay (we used Premo Frost White Glitter)
  • Fish hook earrings (at least 2 -- more depending on how many earrings you're making)
  • Jump rings (at least 2 -- more depending on how many earrings you're making)
  • Marxit tool


1. Divide the white clay in half and put once piece to the side.

2. Condition the 1/4 pack of red, blue, and white clays on the same thickness—we used the 3rd setting on our machine. 

Note: The extra 1/4 piece of white clay should be conditioned to a thinner setting (we used the 4th setting on our machine). Place this piece of white clay on a bake-able work surface.


3. Square up the red and white pieces of clay and make sure they are the same size. .



4. Using your Marxit tool, gently impress the smallest measurement onto one edge of your red clay. Repeat this process on the white clay of the same thickness.

5. Using your tissue blade, follow the Marxit tool measurements and cut your red and white clay into thin strips. Each strip should be the same size. Discard ones that aren't



6. Carefully pick up a strip of the red clay and gently place it onto the white clay that was rolled to a thinner setting. You're beginning to make the stripes of the flag.



7. Carefully pick up a strip of the white clay and gently place it onto the white clay. Be sure to place it as close as possible to the red strip. You want to avoid gaps between the strips.



8. Continue alternating the red and white clay until you're out of strips or you've reached the end of your base piece of white clay. 



9. Using your acrylic roller, gently roll over the alternating clay stripes to help smooth everything and remove finger prints. Be sure not to press too hard as to distort the size of the stripes.


10. Using your larger star shaped cutter, cut out 2 red and white striped stars. Set these aside.

11. Now place your blue clay on you work surface and cut out 2 stars with your smaller cutter.

12. Remove excess clay and place your stars on your work surface. 

Note: We made additional stars with the remaining clay.

13. You may want to clean up the edges at this point.

14. On a bake-able surface, arrange your stars in any design you like to create your earrings.

15. Bake your stars at 275°F for 30 minutes or the recommended baking time is for your specific brand of clay.

16. Once cooled, you can decorate your stars in any way you'd like.

17. Use the jump rings and fish hook earrings to create your finished product. Note: we used post backs on our earrings with the large blue star.

18. Wear your earrings to sparkle all day and night!

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