03 May 2022

Beginner's Corner: Silicone Molds

In this edition of the pcPolyzine Beginner's Corner, we'll share some tips for creating detailed polymer clay pieces using silicone molds!

Today, there are so many silicone molds on the market that can be used with polymer clay. Many of them provide detailed and intricate designs that will take your work to a whole new level. However, molds can sometimes be tricky to use.

Silicone Molds
Once you have selected the perfect mold for your work, be sure to clean it with gentle soap and water first to remove any dust or debris. Let it dry before using.

To begin, press a small piece of clay into your mold. Be sure to press the clay into the crevices with your finger or a ball stylus sculpting tool to achieve the highest level of detail. Continue adding small amounts of clay and pressing them into the mold
keep doing this until you've filled the mold cavity.

Next, gently take a tissue blade and slice off the extra clay. Be careful not to press too deep so you don't slice into your mold. If your clay moves during this process, you can always press it back into shape. You may also want to use a needle tool or other small blade to remove any excess clay around the edge of your mold.


To remove your clay from the silicone mold, you may be able to gently flex the mold to release the clay. However, that may not always be the case if you have a deep or intricate design. In that case, using a piece of glass can be helpful. Place your mold clay-side down onto the piece of glass. Firmly press all areas of the mold onto the glass to help ensure it adheres. Gently pull your mold away from the glass to release your clay. Use a tissue blade to remove the clay from the glass to bake it on a different surface.
The good news is that most silicone molds are designed to be put in the oven. So instead of fighting with your clay to remove it from the mold, pop everything into the oven and bake it for the recommended time. Once cooled, the clay should easily release from the mold with little effort.

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