08 September 2022

Beginner's Corner: Getting Clean Cuts

In this edition of the pcPolyzine Beginner's Corner, we'll share some tips and tricks to ensure you get clean cuts with your polymer clay cutters!

Using cutters has become extremely popular when working with polymer clay. Unfortunately, they can have some downfalls. Here are some ways to help your cutters release and create beautiful shapes every time!
Cornstarch: If you find your cutters are sticking to the clay after cutting, consider dipping the cutter edges in cornstarch first. By lightly dusting the cutting edges, a barrier is created between the clay and cutter allowing for an easier release. If you have residual cornstarch on your clay, you can either gently dust it off the raw clay, or wait until it's baked and then clean it off. It won't hurt your piece!
Water: Another option to help your cutters from gripping the clay is to mist them with water. This technique is similar to using cornstarch and will help create a barrier between your cutter and clay. Don't saturate the cutter with water though—a little goes a long way!
Plastic Wrap: Not only will plastic wrap help your cutters release, but it will also create a beautiful rounded edge to your clay. Lay your plastic wrap sheet flat on your piece of conditioned clay avoiding air bubbles or wrinkles. Once you are satisfied with the placement of the wrap, firmly press your cutter onto the wrap and clay. Readjust your wrap as needed to remove bubbles or wrinkles. 
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