07 March 2013

Organic Spring

Let's go organic this Spring, shall we?
I am looking for all possible and impossible ways to make myself and all of you inspired! It is hard when all I see is grey. This is why I am so grateful to have the Internet and have access to all the places on the Planet with just a click of a button. Here are my little research results for organic coral shapes. Enjoy and stay inspired.. and perhaps make something ^^

Photo Credits: (1) HunkiiDorii - Dori Janki (2) Diane Lublinski (3) Anne Goldman (4) Cocoa Vintage (5) Mandarin Moon (6) Katsumata Chieko (7) Loeke Pam (8) JoAnn Crafts.com (9) Artist Unknown (10) unikatissima (11) Wendy Wallin Malinow (12) Marlene Brady (13) Barbara Stutman

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