01 March 2013

Spring Emeralds

Hello everyone and welcome to Spring!
Yes, maybe it is still cold and some parts of our Planet are definitely covered in snow, but as artists we should never pay attention to appearance of surfaces when looking for deep spiritual inspiration.
So today I want to present you with one of the most beautiful and precious stones - Emerald.
It's color is definitely very unique and there are only a few other elements on this planet that are naturally the same color.
I did a little research and found these Spring Emerald creations from polymer clay by various artists.
Emerald is the Pantone Color of the Year so make sure you own at least one Emerald, be it crystal or clay.

Photo Credits: (1) DivaDesigns1 (2) Jennifer Slattery (3) Rozibuz (4) Katy Szczerbaty (5) Anna Ingegerd Fjellborg
(6) Makayla Jennings (7) Knightwork Studio (8) Georgia Turin (9) Joann K Barrack (10) Design Theory (11) Dawn Schiller (12)okajewelry (13) Mandarin Moon  (14) Fulgorine (15) Biesge (16) Luiza Dragonescu
(17) SandrArt

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