17 March 2013

Let's Go Fishing!

This week I am all crazy about my aquarium and I am looking and looking for fishes, information about taking care of them, dreaming of my summer holidays by the sea, and all this made me think of polymer clay again. Not like I don't think about it on a daily basis anyway, but today it was different. I went today to the online ocean of polymer clay fish on my make-believe boat and put my creative echolot into the waters of many clay artists :) Here is what I caught!

I also realised that I've never made a fish from clay! How weird is that knowing that my father is a fisherman!

Photo Credits: 1 - Liat R 2- Adrienne Lindsey 3- Clay figurine from Amazon.com 4 - Denise Graham 5 - Christina A Kapono 6 - Liat R 7 - Desert Rubble 8 - Susan Lomuto 9 - Liat R 10 - Pamela Carman 11 - Joanie Croyder 12 - FourWinds Jewelry 13 - Christina A Kapono 14 - Unknown artist  15 - Sue Corrie


Tammi Kim said...

how to describe with my poooooooooooor english. My favorite fish is in the second row the second. Or the fish in the middle of the second row :-)

greets Tammi Kim

Patti Bee said...

I like the blue and white one, second from the bottom, in the middle.

Yonat Dascalu said...

looks great!!! how about some credit to the artist :)

Ayelet said...

I agree with Yonat Dascalu, Credit to the Artists should be given, when using there art work on your blog, I love Liat Ripps beautiful fishies... the other fish are beautiful too... I would like to know who the artists are?

thank you for sharing.

pcPolyzine said...

Dear Yonat Dascalu and Ayelet. Thank you so much for your help with this link. What we did is we added some numbers to our fish collage and a list of credits on the bottom of the blog post.
Sometimes when looking for beautiful inspirational pictures it is hard to find it's author. They hide you know :)
We did what we could and if you could help us complete this list - we would be ever so grateful for your kind help! Some artists are still remaining unknown.
Thank you!

Yonat Dascalu said...

Thank you so much :)