04 May 2013

Archive Tutorial: "Rainbow Jellyroll Keyring" by Dotty McMillan - Originally Published April 2001

Dotty McMillan makes this playful keyring quick and easy to put together. Her project uses slices of translucent jellyroll canes applied over a basic cylinder of white clay. The effect is reminiscent of the Chrysanthemum Cane. It's basically the same technique without the indentations that alter the jellyroll. You can choose the colors you like and determine the placement of the cane slices in a manner that are most pleasing to you. Add a metal keyring and some leather lacing and your Rainbow Jellyroll Keyring is ready to use. You could add pony beads or crow beads in coordinating colors to the lacing to vary the design. This is a good project for when you want to make multiples for gift giving.

Original tutorial from 
pcPolyzine.com published April 2001

[Posted by Jeannie Havel]

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