17 May 2013

Turning the Tables on Inspiration

Aniko and I love posting colorful and imaginative images and ideas hoping to inspire you to think of polymer clay possibilities. So imagine our delight when Bosnian artist Jelena Babić (aka Djidje Midje) posted pics on Facebook of her bracelet inspired by Aniko's Mosaic Cane video.

How exciting it feels to see the results when you watch our videos and try the techniques!!

Just think how versatile the
Mosaic Cane can be. To this point, we've used a basic set of random colors. But what about actually choosing colors to coordinate with an outfit? And maybe reducing the Mosaic Cane to a suitable size for earrings? Varying the color of the "grout" opens up some possibilities, too.

Jelena, your bracelet inspires me!! I'm off to try some intentional color combinations.

PS - A shout out to Elissa Powell to thank her for the original design and tutorial.

Image Credit: Jelena Babić (Djidje Midje).

[Posted by Jeannie Havel on behalf of the entire
pcPolyzine Team]

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