03 February 2020

Letter from the Editor: February 2020

The Tallahassee Polymer Clay Art Guild's 2020 Chilly Clay Polymer Clay Retreat was the first weekend in February and pcPolyzine was there!

The two-day retreat allowed members of the Tallahassee Polymer Clay Art Guild to kick back and focus on creating some beautiful work. Karen Woods and Ann Larsen from the West Coast Polymer Clay Guild (in Florida) joined us to shared some exciting techniques. 

On Saturday morning, Karen showed us how to transfer foils onto clay to make our pieces sparkle. She also showed us a silkscreen technique to use on clay that made our work look even more classy. Later that day, Ann demonstrated a creative way to show off our work by displaying it in glass paperweights.

On Sunday, Ellen from the Tallahassee Polymer Clay Art Guild demonstrated an easy cane/veneer technique using three bullseye canes. Then Starr showed the group how to use a die cut machine on polymer and metal clay. 

The group spent their down time between demos working on their own projects as well as bowls for the retreat's Bowl Swap. 12 artists participated in the bowl swap. Each person drew three numbers out of a bag and then chose a bowl from that group. All of the bowls looked amazing!

It was great to see everyone again and spend two whole days working with clay!

I want to send a special “thank you” to the Tallahassee Polymer Clay Art Guild for inviting me to join them for their 2020 Chilly Clay Polymer Clay Retreat.

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Debbie Bellibone Goodrow said...

If you've never been to a group event of polymer clayers, you're missing out on a lot. This sounds like just the kind of enjoyment I have every time I get to a retreat, and I'm sorry I missed this one!