05 September 2021

Featured Artist: September 2021

The September edition of pcPolyzine features polymer clay artist, Ashley Lembcke!

Ashley Lembcke is a polymer clay artist located in Oregon with her husband, Jeremiah, and their two kids, Lark and Quinn.

We wanted to learn more about Ashley and here's what she shared with us:

pcPolyzine: How did you get into polymer clay?
Ashley: I began working with polymer clay around December 2020. We were deep in the midst of the COVID pandemic and I had a toddler and a new baby at home. I was looking for a creative outlet; something I could do for myself.

pcPolyzine: How long have you been working with polymer clay?
Ashley: I've worked on and off with polymer clay for a number of years, but seriously started working with it about 9 months ago.

pcPolyzine: How do you come up with an idea for a projectdo you plan it or just start working?
Ashley:  Other than my color palettes, I generally don't plan what I'm going to make prior to creating it. I create my color palette, mix my colors, and decide as I go.

pcPolyzine: What inspires you to create pieces in polymer clay?
Ashley:  I'm inspired by so many things! Seasons, moods, art, clothing, nature. I find my inspiration can come from almost anywhere.
pcPolyzine: What's your favorite piece or project you've made in polymer clay?
Ashley: I love working with color gradients/skinner blends. Those tend to be my favorite. I just find them so magical.

pcPolyzine: Does your work have a theme or message?
Ashley: I like to create pieces that are fun and/or beautiful and that will hopefully bring others a bit of joy.

pcPolyzine: What are your favorite (or most important) tools you use when working with clay?
Ashley: Oh, there are so many! My Atlas pasta roller, work tile, and tissue blade are my most used tools. I really love using texture mats/rollers and unique cutters. I also love using more basic cutters and combining them to make unique designs.

pcPolyzine: Do you have any advice for new artists to polymer clay?
Ashley: You don't have to buy all the tools and cutters all at once. You can make do with a blade, acrylic roller, and a couple of basic cutters until you figure out what works for you. YouTube tutorials and Instagram reels are super helpful for learning new techniques and just getting an idea of others' processes. Experiment! Have fun! Try new things. Don't be afraid to fail, because it's going to happen—you can always learn from it and you might even end up with something beautiful.

pcPolyzine: Any final thoughts for our readers?
Ashley: Thank you so much for this feature! I'm grateful to share my work and processes with others.

pcPolyzine: Ashley, your jewelry is bright and beautiful. We are excited to share your work with the pcPolyzine community. Thank you for taking time to share with us!

To connect with Ashley and see more of her work, check her out on Instagram (@heyletsclay) or at her Etsy store.

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