05 September 2021

Beginner's Corner: Skinner Blend

This month's Beginner's Corner features the classic Skinner Blend!

Another classic technique used in polymer clay is the Skinner Blend. Named for its creator, Judith Skinner, this staple of polymer clay beautifully blends two or more colors together in a flawless gradient fashion.

To make a Skinner Blend, you will need the following items:

  • Clay—two or more colors (amount will be determined by the size of blend you want)
  • Clay Machine


1. Begin by kneading each color of clay in your hands or running it through the clay machine until each color is conditioned. 

2. Once conditioned, roll each color of clay into a ball with your hands.   

3. Using your hands, create a rough triangle or pear shape out of each ball of clay—wider at the bottom and thinner at the top. 

4. Place the clay on your worksurface alternating the triangles in an alternating fashion with the top of one color touching the bottom of another color. 

5. Once your clay is arranged, gently press the seams together between each color to help create a bond that won't fall apart when you pick it up. 

6. Carefully pick your clay up and place it in the clay machine and roll it through on the largest setting.  

7. Place your sheet of clay on your work surface and fold the bottom up to meet the top. Try to match the colors where they meet at the top. It's okay if it's not perfect.


8. Roll your folded sheet through the clay machine again starting with the folded edge first to push out any air bubbles.

9. Continue this process until you've achieved the desired gradient blend between the colors. 

You've now created a beautiful Skinner Blend!

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