22 March 2013

Be My Clay Valentine!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

Make sure you spend this day with those you love! No matter if it's a fiancé or your little hamster! Everyone deserves to love and to be loved :)

I would like to treat you with a little inspirational pudding of Polymer Clay Hearts. Yes, they do look like Marzipan cakes a bit, right?

Photo Credits: (1) pcPolyzine.com (2) Sagit Bramly Levi (3) Wicked Gems (4) graphixoutpost  (5) Yana Mostizky (6) R. I. Axelrod (7) Ginger Easterling (8) Jeannie Dukic (9) Artsista Fotini (10) Lynn Reno (Desert Rubble)

1 comment:

Tejae: Heart Shaped Art said...

Sweet Hearts!! (where's mine? lol) love the new blog!

tejae ♥