01 May 2013

Branching Out

Image Credit: Rebekah Payne, Tree Wings Studio

[Posted by Jeannie Havel]
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Recently, I found inspiration on Polymer Clay Daily in the post featuring faceted mosaic scrap beads by Rebekah Payne of Tree Wings Studio. As is usually the case, one link led to another and soon I was oohing and aahing at Rebekah's Easy Winter Tree Cane tutorial on the Art Jewelry Elements blog. Have you seen it? While you're there, check out Rebekah's sexy little pink chopper. I'm sure it's what Barbie would use if she chopped polymer clay.


Unknown said...

Those look really good

CreatedWithFire Studios said...

Love this cane, had to look for the correct link, I listed it on my facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/DailyMuseBeautyNatureLaughter

Thanks for sharing !

Anonymous said...

And for those that don't want to go to her facebook page... (geesh!) - try this link:

pcPolyzine said...

Thanks everyone for adding comments and links!