03 March 2022

IPCA Global Exhibit Winners

And the second annual International Polymer Clay Association Global Exhibition winners are...

Recently, the International Polymer Clay Association (IPCA) held their second annual Global Exhibition. This year's contest featured four categories:
  • Containers and Vessels sponsored by Sculpey
  • Two-Dimensional Work sponsored by Staedtler (manufacturer of FIMO)
  • Three-Dimensional Work sponsored by Cernit
  • Jewelry and Wearable Art sponsored by katopolyclay
After the voting period, the winners are...

Containers and Vessels:
  • Laurel Swetnam - 1st Place
  • Bettina Welker - 2nd Place
  • Victoria James - 2nd Place
  • Linda Leach - 3rd Place

Two-Dimensional Work:
  • Laura LePere - 1st Place
  • Marisol Ross - 2nd Place
  • Lesley DeLia - 3rd Place

Three-Dimensional Work:
  • Amy Short - 1st Place
  • Lex Sorrentino - 2nd Place
  • Ann Duncan-Hlavach - 3rd Place

Jewelry and Wearable Art:
  • Cecilia Leonini - 1st Place
  • Bettina Welker - 2nd Place
  • Phil Porter - 2nd Place
  • Martina Buriánová - 3rd Place

To see all the submissions, check out the IPCA Second Annual Global Exhibition video!

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